Ongoing Bathtub Rituals


This video depicts the process involved in making the piece "Pink 



Pink Tiles-2011

Acrylic and Watercolor on paper (2 sheets) 

43 by 30"

After giving Zachary the opportunity to blast liquid colors at

the half-completed montypes, the paper was thoroughly soaked in

colors. The reverse side took a chance imprint of the tiles, resulting in

the finished piece shown below.








Interviews -- Artist Book

The idea for the book emerged from a series of prints made by integrating

children's mark-making, texts of conversations with imaginary friends,

and answers to art related interview questions. It became a take on

bedtime storybooks as well as the traditional artist/ poet collaborations

in illustrated book form.


Hand printed and bound book. 12" by 9.5"

22 pages, 11 intaglio prints, with letterpress text.

edition of 3 plus one artist proof.



title page

Infinity Room I

Red Whale Figures/ Maiden Name (Orion)

Detail- Maiden Name (Orion)

Aquatint, hard-ground, engraving, and hand-stamped letters.

Thai Motif/ Window

Engraving, collagraph, power tools/ aquatint, scraper and burnisher.

Detail of engraving in ornate scroll hanger.

Infinity Room II

Detail of  engraving in reflected

starlight in the lower section 

Detail of mezzotint with engraving and collagraph

in the window section

Balloon/Bath 2011

acrylic on tan paper

22" by 30"

detail showing outlines of popped balloons

Balloon/ Bath 2011

Acrylic on tan paper

22" by 30"

detail of splashes and runs